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Since inheriting an enviable collection of vintage costume jewelry as a teenager, Chantal Brenninkmeyer has honored its legacy ever since, developing a deep affection for the pieces.  But with two teenage daughters expressing an ever-growing interest in the collection, she recognizes that she is merely the current custodian and that in time it will pass to the next generation to treasure.

Increasingly, Chantal found that it was becoming difficult to keep the collection in tip-top condition. The market for cleaning and repairing costume jewelry – modest pieces as well as vintage pieces - is ill served. Friends, too, confessed to having beautiful pieces unworn for years left broken and hidden away in the corners of jewelry boxes (and we bet you do too!).

Following a career in the hotel industry, Chantal built and sold a successful online/mail order company that she started with a friend. Now she saw a fresh opportunity to serve a gap in the market and Jewelry Genie was born. Chantal also recognized that for busy friends and colleagues, a trip into town was often a timely affair and many asked if they could instead send pieces or arrange collection, so Chantal extended the service to include trusted collection and return of items. Large jewelry houses such as those on Bond Street can take a few weeks to repair pieces – Jewelry Genie aims to return orders in less than 10 days – straight to your door and more cheaply too!

Chantal and her team have sourced highly qualified and experienced craftsmen - many of whom are based in the world renowned Hatton Gardens area and are the very best in their field - to carry out services to the highest standards, quickly and competitively priced.

Her team have developed a discerning eye for up and coming stars in the industry and the creative side of the business is ever-growing with the commissioning of new and exciting pieces as well as promoting lesser-known designers, from all corners of the globe, on the Jeweler of the Month and Blog pages.  

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